London escortsMonogamy is dying out gents. It’s an actual fact. Just think for a moment how common it was for people to divorce 50 years ago. It wasn’t common at all right? And even less common 100 years ago. So doesn’t that tell you something? It ought to tell you that people are evolving into creatures that do not require to be with each other for extended periods of time.

Some would say it’s a sad fact, that people can’t love each other in the same way anymore. That’s not true at all. This trend to be single, isn’t simply a trend. As we said, it’s evolution. And evolution teaches us that people and creatures evolve to match their environment and the way of the world. It’s not hard to realise that the busier we become, the more we need time to do our work and more importantly to get time alone. Not to mention of course having time with friends and family. Who has time for a relationship?

Something’s got to give!

Now, when you consider that so many people are happier when they’re single, it tells you something interesting. They can exist without a relationship. If you didn’t have a job, or you didn’t have any money, you wouldn’t be happy at all; indeed, couldn’t be happy. So it goes without saying that if you can do without it, it’s likely to get dropped. That is the whole concept of evolution.

In our fine city, London escorts provide the momentary comforts of a relationship. Because that’s what we require, it’s just the comforts. We don’t need the aggravation anymore, we need the comforts alone. Being around someone in a healthy, happy, and even sexual way is what we seek these days. We don’t want to share our day at work or complain about anything. We don’t want to fight about stupid things anymore either.

London escortsThe comfort of London escorts

The comfort of London escorts is whatever you need it to be. We will say of course, right now, that we are not advertising or condoning any sexual services. The London escorts we represent are offering their companionship services at £100 an hour, and that’s it. When you’re alone with the girl of your choice, what goes on is between the two of you, nothing to do with us!

What if you do want that relationship?

Well, even if you do want the whole relationship thing, there’s nothing to stop you or your partner from exploring “other avenues” anyway. There was even an article in Marie Claire lately about a non-monogamous couple, who happen to have a great life together seeing other people. It’s everywhere gents and it’s getting even more common!

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