Top 10 Best Nightclubs in London


Known for its vibrant music scene and lively nightlife, London is home to some of the best nightclubs in the world. From old warehouses to underground tunnels, London’s nightclubs are as diverse as they are exciting.

With an array of world-renowned DJs and musicians frequently playing sets, London nightclubs attract partygoers from across the globe looking to experience the city’s energetic club culture. Household names like Ministry of Sound helped establish London as a premier nightlife destination back in the 90s, while more recent additions like Printworks London have continued the city’s legacy of cutting-edge clubbing.

Beyond the music, London clubs are celebrated for their unique venues—packing out everything from boats to churches with revelers looking to dance the night away. The diverse neighborhoods of London also shape its nightlife, with areas like Shoreditch and Central London offering clubgoers different vibes.

This list will highlight 10 of the top nightclubs that capture the best of London’s after-hours scene, from underground stalwarts to new hotspots making their mark. We’ll cover what makes each venue stand out, delving into their music, crowds, and atmosphere so you can decide which spots to hit up on your next London night out.


The top 10 best nightclubs in London were selected based on a combination of ratings, reviews, awards, and recommendations from industry experts. The rankings are subjective but aim to represent the clubs that consistently offer the best overall nightlife experience.

Key selection criteria included:

  • Google and Facebook ratings and number of reviews
  • Awards won for categories like “Best Club Night” and “Best DJ Sets”
  • Recommendations from well-known publications like DJ Mag, Mixmag, and Time Out
  • Reputation among Londoners and nightlife enthusiasts as a top destination
  • Longevity and ability to attract top DJ talent regularly
  • Overall vibe and atmosphere judging from reviews and photos
  • Innovation and uniqueness of the club experience

While nightlife is constantly evolving in a city like London, these are the nightclubs that have cemented themselves as the best London has to offer based on critical and public opinion. The rankings aim to represent where Londoners and tourists can expect a top-tier night out.

10. XOYO

Located in the heart of Shoreditch, XOYO has become one of London’s leading nightclubs and live music venues since it opened in 2012. With a capacity of 1500, XOYO regularly hosts renowned DJs like Jamie XX and Four Tet while also giving a platform to upcoming electronic talent.

The intimate yet lively interior of XOYO makes it feel like a mini-festival, with a packed dancefloor surrounded by tiered viewing areas. The music spans house, techno, dubstep, and more, attracting a young, stylish crowd of clubbers passionate about electronic music. The Funktion-One sound system pumps out crisp acoustics that bring DJ sets to life.

While the basement main room hosts club nights, the upstairs section acts as a gig venue for contemporary rock, pop, and more. XOYO manages to pack an exciting variety of music into its compact space. Shoreditch has no shortage of nightlife, but XOYO stands out as a must-visit hotspot.

#9 Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound is one of London’s most iconic nightclubs and helped pioneer the city’s dance music scene in the early 1990s. Located in the Elephant and Castle area, the club first opened its doors in 1991 in a former bus garage.

With its state-of-the-art sound system and world-class resident DJs, the Ministry of Sound quickly earned a reputation for hosting some of the best house and techno nights in London. Some of the legendary resident DJs over the years have included Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Pete Tong, and Sasha.

The layout of the club consists of multiple rooms across two floors. The Main Room is the focal point with its huge dancefloor and towering walls of speakers. Adjoining rooms include The Box for more intimate DJ sets and The Loft which has balconies overlooking the main floor.

For over 30 years, the Ministry of Sound has set the standard for clubbing in London. From hosting early raves and acid house nights to today’s blend of house, techno, drum & bass, and more – it continues to be a mecca for dance music lovers from around the world.

8. Egg London

Egg London is a multi-room venue with one of the best sound systems in the city, making it a go-to spot for dance music lovers. Located under the arches in Kings Cross, the club has three rooms each with its distinct vibe.

The Main Room showcases world-class DJs and live acts. With a Funktion-One sound system and dramatic lighting, it provides an incredible audiovisual experience. The venue attracts top international talent like Carl Cox and Deadmau5, as well as hosts major events like Social Festival.

For a more underground feel, head to The Egg Terrace. The outdoor space has a relaxed open-air atmosphere perfect for summer partying. House and techno dominate the soundtrack here. Inside, The York Room has a cozy, lounge-style environment to enjoy house music.

Egg London offers luxurious VIP packages for those seeking an exclusive night out. VIP ticket holders get access to the private VIP terrace overlooking the Main Room. VIP tables with plush seating provide the ultimate party experience. Perks include a separate bar, entrance, cloakroom, and restrooms. Table service bottle packages are also available.

With its phenomenal sound, A-list artists, and VIP treatment, Egg London provides one of the top clubbing experiences in London. Its diverse spaces and events make it a premier nightlife destination.

#7 Fabric

Fabric is one of London’s most iconic nightclubs, famed for its incredible sound systems and underground house and techno music policy. The club is located underneath a Victorian meat market in Farringdon and opened in 1999 in what was once a cold storage unit.

The enormous main room is Fabric’s calling card, featuring a custom Funktion-One sound system that consistently ranks among the best in the world. The DJ booth sits amid a sea of 3,000 sweaty ravers, with an expansive dancefloor surrounded by terraced seating areas. Stunning psychedelic lighting and video projections complement the musical experience.

Upstairs you’ll find the more intimate Fabric 2 room, while the vibey Fabric 3 downstairs showcases up-and-coming DJ talent. Room One is regularly voted among the top clubs worldwide for sound, design and overall experience.

Fabric has become synonymous with cutting-edge electronic music over its 20+ year history. The club rose during the golden era of progressive house in the early 2000s, with resident DJs like Sasha and Craig Richards championing the sound. Techno and tech houses have since dominated, with lineups featuring leading underground selectors.

The club’s notorious drug culture has led to many run-ins with authorities over the years. In 2016, Fabric had its license permanently revoked after two drug-related deaths. This led to a huge #savefabric campaign and eventual re-opening under strict new security conditions. Despite its many challenges, Fabric remains one of London’s most iconic institutions.

6. Village Underground

Village Underground is a must-visit nightclub for those looking for a unique warehouse vibe in the heart of London. This creative space is located in a converted warehouse near Old Street station, offering four floors of parties and performances.

The venue features an underground tunnel, re-purposed tube carriages, and a graffiti-covered roof hosting an eclectic lineup of DJs and live music. By day, Village Underground serves as an arts and innovation hub, making it a dynamic destination around the clock.

By night, world-class DJs take over Village Underground’s intimate yet gritty dance floors. On weekends, expect house and techno vibes in the basement tunnel, while the carriages host hip-hop and funk-focused lineups. With an emphasis on live music and improv nights, you may catch a secret concert or even a trapeze artist swinging above the crowds.

Beyond the music, Village Underground delivers an immersive, underground experience through its unique industrial architecture. Exposed brickwork, iron girders, and graffitied trains set an alternative scene, enhanced by moody lighting and haze effects. With such a cool backdrop, it’s no wonder this warehouse nightclub is a top draw for clubbers and creatives alike.

5. Cafe 1001

Cafe 1001 is a multi-room underground club located in the heart of Brick Lane in East London. Known for its eclectic music policy spanning house, techno, disco, and everything in between, Cafe 1001 has become a destination for clubbers looking for an alternative night out.

What makes Cafe 1001 stand out is its unique multi-room setup spread across three floors. The Basement Room located in the basement hosts intimate DJ sets and live acts with a capacity of 150 people. Heading upstairs, the Main Room is the heart of the club with a generous dancefloor, stage, and balcony overlooking the action below. The Attic Room on the top floor has a more laidback vibe and is ideal for socializing earlier in the night.

The “underground” feel of Cafe 1001 is enhanced by the grungy interiors featuring exposed brickwork, distressed walls, and dim lighting. Combined with an edgy crowd, the gritty aesthetics make it feel like an urban Berlin-esque techno bunker rather than a glitzy West End club. The focus is firmly on the music rather than flashy surroundings.

With its labyrinth of rooms and underground character, Cafe 1001 offers an alluring nightlife option away from the usual overcrowded chains and tourist traps. Clubbers looking for a cool, alternative dance music experience will feel right at home here.

#4 Printworks London

Printworks London is an industrial events venue housed in a former printing press located in Surrey Quays in Southeast London. First opened in 2017, Printworks has quickly established itself as one of London’s premier nightlife destinations.

One of the most unique aspects of Printworks is its location inside a massive 15,000 capacity former printing press. The venue makes use of the original machines, structures, and multi-level spaces within the printing factory to create an incredibly immersive experience. Giant printing presses and industrial cranes can be seen looming above the crowds.

Printworks features state-of-the-art production including a custom-made soundsystem and visual effects created for the cavernous space. World-class DJs and live acts perform on a central stage area that has a towering 30-meter roof. Spectacular lighting and visual displays utilizing projection mapping are synchronized to the music.

The venue contains a labyrinth of rooms across two floors connected by iron walkways and staircases that guests can explore. The massive scale of the converted printing press gives Printworks a gritty underground rave atmosphere, unlike any other club in London. From thumping techno to bass-heavy house music, Printworks delivers an incredible audio-visual experience within a distinctive industrial setting.


KOKO is an iconic nightclub located in Camden, housed in a former theater originally built in 1900. While the venue retains much of its theater architecture and dĂ©cor, it has become one of London’s most popular nightlife destinations.

KOKO attracts world-renowned DJs and musical acts, hosting concerts and club nights spanning electronic, indie, rock, hip-hop, and more. On any given night you may catch a live set from The Arctic Monkeys, Mark Ronson, or Deadmau5.

Beyond the acts, KOKO is known for its celeb-spotted dance floors. Prince Harry, Madonna, Rihanna, and Mick Jagger have all partied at KOKO over the years. With its three rooms spread over multiple floors, KOKO offers club-goers different vibes and environments.

The venue strikes a balance between historic charm and modern updates. From the balconies overlooking the expansive dance floor to the D&B sound system, KOKO fuses past and present. The interior design features rich textures, velvet lounge seats, disco balls, and vivid lighting displays.

For an unforgettable London club experience, KOKO’s blend of A-list performances, celebrity sightings, and lavish atmosphere can’t be beaten. It’s a top contender for anyone looking to dance the night away in one of the city’s most iconic venues.