Best 10 Rooftop Bars in London

Forget about shopping therapy or visiting local attractions in London. Instead, you can go sky-high and enjoy the fascinating sights of the city. In case you are wondering what this is about, we are talking about rooftop bars in London. You will find that the city is dotted with rooftop bars that beckon you. Some of the bars are definitely better than the others. So, if you are new to the city or you are visiting for business and pleasure, make it a point to visit some of the best rooftop bars in London to get another perspective of this bustling city.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or effort to find rooftop bars that are fun and inviting. Here is a list of the best 10 rooftop bars in London that offer unique experiences.

1. The One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel’s Rooftop

The One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel’s Rooftop

There’s no need to fly to California to experience Palm Springs. You can enjoy the Palm Spring ambience at the top of the One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel in East London. This rooftop bar brings California’s vibe and sunshine to London with its terrazzo marble tables. The full-length French windows open to a terrace that offers mesmerising views of London. The left side offers views of London’s skyline, while the right gives you awe-inspiring glimpses of bell towers and church spires. Sip a margarita while relishing devilled eggs or a sticky jackfruit taco.

2. Forza Wine

Forza Wine

Located in Peckham, this rooftop bar offers unique cocktails. Be sure to try the shopping, which is lemon sorbet, prosecco, and vodka. Forza Wine serves cocktails in tumblers and often patrons are merrily surprised by that. You can enjoy cauliflower fritti with a drizzle of aioli, oily tomatoes and garlic-infused pesto with crunchy flatbread. The terrace offers views of the city and the neighbourhood.

3. The Culpeper

The Culpeper

Located in East London, this rooftop bar has a distinctly British ambience. From the roof, you can see the sprawling city and the Gherkin, a famous building in London. The Culpeper is renowned for its cocktails and delicious snacks. It has a seasonal menu that keeps changing weekly.

4. The Rooftop at the Standard

The Rooftop at the Standard

This rooftop bar is perfect for those looking for a hip and relaxed bar. While it has AstroTurf flooring, don’t let that put you off. It comes with garden chairs and sofa seats that give an unobstructed view of London. You can see a few major landmarks, such as St. Pancras Clock Tower, quite clearly. This rooftop bar has a nice menu of drinks and cocktails.

5. Aviary


Located in the heart of London, the Aviary is housed at the top of the Montcalm Royal House Hotel, which is in Finsbury Square. Due to its location, the rooftop bar in London is popular among those looking for after-work drinks. It has a calming ambience, thanks to the strategically placed trees and low-level lounge seats. If you are looking for a view while drinking, make sure you get in early to grab the best tables.

6. Pergola Paddington Central

Pergola Paddington Central

Are you looking for a chilled-out rooftop bar in Paddington? If that is the case, the Pergola Paddington Central will not disappoint. It has two floors of seating with communal benches that are placed under leaf-covered trellis. You can sip drinks and enjoy Mexican street food here. If the weather turns cold, you can shift to the covered lower deck.

7. Bar Elba

Bar Elba

This trellised rooftop bar is located at the top of Mercury House, on Waterloo Rd. It offers happy hour throughout the week, including the weekend. Besides an extensive list of drinks and cocktails, Bar Elba also has burgers with gravy. This rooftop also offers a bottomless brunch during the weekends, making it a favourite haunt among couples, solos, and families. The walls of the bar are decorated with graffiti, which is Instagram-worthy.

8. Queen of Hoxton

Queen of Hoxton

Located in Shoreditch, this rooftop comes up with a new and whacky theme every season. The terrace is large so guests can always find a seat without a problem. The Queen of Hoxton offers views of the brown brick buildings that dot Shoreditch as well as the street art adorning the outer façade of buildings.

9. Upstairs Brixton at the Department Store

Upstairs Brixton at the Department Store

Downstairs, you will find Brixton shoppers and commuters, while upstairs is a completely different scene. This member-like club allows guests to buy a guest pass for the evening or get a membership to come whenever they want. You will find this rooftop bar in Brixton quite different. You will be greeted by name and the staff is not intrusive. You can play table football and ping pong while sipping your cocktail or enjoying supper under the open sky. The interior has industry wooden beams and low ceiling lighting. The bar not only serves cocktails but also fine French wines. The ingredients for the food are sourced from the rooftop garden to create fresh and delicious eats.

10. Netil 360

Netil 360

Located in Hackney, East London, this sprawling rooftop bar is perfect for soaking up as much light as possible. Once the sun sets, it offers a 360-degree view of the surroundings and the twinkling lights shining across the city. This casual rooftop bar offers local craft beer and spirits that are reasonably priced. It also lets guests order customised pizzas. Its party ambience will keep your toes tapping and the disco ball adds to the overall feel of the place.

The Bottom Line

All Stars Escorts London

Now that you know the best 10 rooftop bars in London start making an itinerary. You can go rooftop bar hopping or visit a couple every day. You will find that each rooftop bar in the city is different and offers a unique feel. The best part is that all these rooftop bars are welcoming, and the staff are friendly and amicable. Most of them are laid-back and do not mind patrons walking in dressed casually. However, if you are in doubt or you want to play it safe, just call and enquire.

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