Eastern European escortsThe amount of times we’ve heard this over the past few years! Silly really when you think about. With all the war, disease and everything else going on in the world, it’s strange people would concern themselves with Eastern European escorts. Never mind consider them invaders!

Let’s get a few things straight from the start. Eastern European escorts, or indeed any escorts, from anywhere in the world, are here legally (at least at Allstars Escorts they are!). They have visas and everything else you need to work and/or study in the UK, so there isn’t a problem there!

These girls pay their way!

It may surprise you to learn that these young Eastern European escorts pay their way in the world too. It’s not as though they’ve come over to the UK, taken up residence in London and decided not to pay into the system. Hell, our “system” here isn’t exactly hard to avoid anyway is it? Even if all these girls did was sit on their backsides drinking and smoking all day, they’d still be paying more tax into the system than some major corporations like Amazon and Starbucks, who live and trade in the UK virtually for free! So you see, there are greater things to be concerned about, and the fact remains that these young eastern European escorts are earning their living, not claiming it from the state. Just because they enjoy what they do, it doesn’t make it a crime!

Who’s complaining, Eastern European escorts are great!

It’s a fact though isn’t it? We have no idea what they put in the water over there, but my goodness those girls look fabulous! That’s obviously one of the main reasons these young stunners do so well over here in the UK. Quite literally everyone wants to be with them! We live in a more global community these days, and London is really rather cosmopolitan these days, so why not eastern European escorts we ask you?

We have a sneaky suspicion that the majority of people who complain, or use that awful title “invaders,” are part of that crowd of idiots who complain about everything. They’re usually the type of people that don’t have a job themselves, and blame everyone else for the fact, including those who come to the UK and successfully find work. And they get work primarily because they are looking for it and not expecting anyone else to help them out!

So… Invasion?

Invasion, no of course not. These girls may be part of a bigger migration however, but it’s one that we here at Allstars Escorts do not see as a problem. The movement of people around the world is a natural occurrence, and those resourceful enough to find something they are good at, and have the courage to pursue it anywhere in the world, should be welcomed with open arms. It may be time to actually kick those people out who insist that it actually is an invasion!

Allstars Escorts have young women from all over the world, not just Europe. So why not take the time to browse our list of available girls now. You’re sure to see just why they’re so popular!