London escortsWe honestly can’t believe some of you would grumble about it to be perfectly honest, but you’d be surprised at just how many do! After all, when you’re getting London escorts for £100 for an hour of their time, what on earth is an extra few quid for a taxi fare? Really?

Yes, depending on where you are in the city, you will have to pay for some travel fees. Our girls aren’t unreasonable, however, and they really want your business, so they’re not going to rip you off! Besides, if you’re at all familiar with London, you’ll already know how much a cab ride costs from here to there. This is the reason some of our best clients book their London escorts at a time of night when it’s not too busy; especially if they’re located not very centrally. If you’re in central London, you can pretty much guarantee that travel isn’t going to cost you much anyway really.

London escorts from Allstars Escorts are worth it!

You can bet your life that the London escorts you choose from our agency will be worth every penny of the £100 outcall fee you pay them, and anything they want to charge you on top of transport! Seriously, we’ve never had a complaint about transport costs yet. Besides, it’s not always necessary if one of our drivers is available in the area and you’re not too far away. Of course, you have to understand that getting London escorts anywhere in Greater London (as we boast!) does require a certain amount of transport organization! Anyone with half an inch of the brain can work that out! But you can rest assured that we’ve never been late yet either. In most cases, you’ll have your chosen escort to your door in under an hour.

The best thing to do in all cases is to ask about timing and transportation cost estimates (if any) when you call to make your booking…

Treat your London escorts like your girlfriend

There’s another good reason why you have to contribute to your chosen girl’s travel expenses. If she was your girlfriend you wouldn’t complain, would you? And to be honest with you, you’re likely to get a girlfriend experience, and perhaps more, from the London escorts we represent. The best thing about these companions, however, is that you can send them away when you’re done with them! You can’t do that with your wife or girlfriend, can you? If you can… well, you’re a lucky man, and we’d love your secret (as we’re sure many others would!)

So go and check them out now!