cheaper escorts

cheaper escortsWe know some of you have been put off in the past when you’ve read the phrase “cheaper escorts” here and there. Well, it’s nothing to be afraid of you know! It depends on where you book your cheap escorts from, whether or not you should be put off or not.

Bad cheaper escorts

Bad cheap escorts come from bad escort agencies and bad independent escorts, let’s face it. If you’re an agency that takes at least a little responsibility for your business, then you’re only going to list cheaper escorts who are good at what they do right? Well, that’s the idea. So you can figure out for yourself that those agencies who simply accept anyone, don’t guarantee a good service.

cheaper escorts

Good cheaper escorts

It’s all about the clients when it comes to running a good cheaper escort business. You can’t possibly put the client last. You know, it only takes one bad booking to give an agency a bad reputation. So when it comes to picking the cheaper escorts you’re going to represent, you have to look closely. This is why we ensure that we meet with every girl we decide to represent. We get a good idea of where they’ve been before, we check out any reviews they may already have, and we closely monitor their initial bookings with comprehensive “debriefing” if you will! We like to know they’re giving satisfaction every time.

We rely on you to tell us about our girls

Well, they’re not “our” girls, but we do like to make sure we treat them nicely (as you should of course!) When we represent a cheaper escort, we are very aware of what they’re doing, and how good they are, but we still need your valuable feedback. We welcome any of your comments about our London escorts. It can only go towards making Allstars Escorts an even better escort service provider!

[note: the featured girl in the pictures today is Liza… She’s lovely! Click her picture to go and look at her profile…]