This is something that concerns a number of clients. We suppose it makes sense if you’re going to be spending any length of time with another individual. You’re going to want to know if that person is looking after themselves. No harm in that. We should add here that we, as a London escorts agency, do not condone any sexual acts that may take place between client and escort; nor do we advertise any. The cheap London escorts you book through us are not promising anything to you by advertising with us, they’re just looking for the introductions.

Cheap London escorts do look after themselves

However, having said all that, the cheap London escorts we do represent are all very careful to ensure that they are always in the best of health. You see, these young women are only human after all, and should they find themselves attracted to the men that they spend so much time with, they may well engage in sexual acts with them. We’re not stupid, and we’re not going to lie to you. However, what happens between a client and an escort is really nothing to do with us at all. What does this entail? Well primarily it means that they will always practice safe sex, whether they are with a client or not, and they will make sure that they get regular testing at their respective STI clinics. You should know of course that we wouldn’t ever represent anyone who we thought didn’t practice safe sex. Obviously we can’t have ultimate control over that, nor would we want to, but we do have a general idea about the women we work with; and we’re not stupid!

It isn’t always down to STI’s of course. We have heard about clients that have booked other cheap London escorts (not from Allstars) and have been presented with a woman that’s sneezing and coughing all the time. This is equally unacceptable in our opinion. If you are paying to spend any length of time with an individual (regardless of profession) then you really do need to know that the person you’re with is at least reasonably healthy.

We suppose all that we can say to put your mind at ease, is that all the cheap London escorts we represent are all as healthy as we can possibly be aware of. Book with confidence from Allstars Escorts