Stansted hotel escortsWell, the ones you book from Allstars Escorts of course! No seriously, of course, we’ll tell you that; and it’s the truth. The question should be which hotels? We’ll have a look at some of the best hotels around Stansted and match them up with the perfect Stansted hotel escorts…

We’re basing this knowledge on actual experience by the way. If we say that a certain girl has been a Stansted hotel escort at a particular place, then she has; it’s really as simple as that. So basically you’re getting our recommendation. A hotel, and then the perfect girl to visit you at that hotel. Couldn’t be simpler right.

  • Carmen at the Holiday Inn Express London – Stansted Airport
  • Dominica at Radisson Blu Hotel London Stansted Airport
  • Debora at Premier Inn Stansted Airport
  • Ida at Hilton London Stansted Airport
  • Zoe at Desalis Hotel

Discretion with the best Stansted hotel escorts

The Stansted hotel escorts we represent are all very professional, and they’re incredibly discreet. In most cases, they can meet you in your room, but if you wish (or circumstance dictates) you can meet them in the lobby, bar, or restaurant; or even outside or elsewhere. What about a local restaurant? You tell us what you need, and we’ll do the rest!

What you must bear in mind, however, is that all of the girls you see in the Allstars Escorts gallery are able to get to any of the hotels. We realise that you might not fancy a particular Stansted hotel escort, at a particular hotel, so it’s entirely up to you to mix and match. The Allstars promise, as always, is that we’ll get any girl you choose to any destination in London, including the airports and the whole of Greater London (sometimes beyond), without any trouble at all.

Like Burger King, at Allstars Escorts you have it your way!