London escortsWe know you guys will be watching the England matches in the Euro 2016 tournament and we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate with some of our lovely London escorts…

You’re more than likely to be watching all the games of course, if you’re a football fanatic, but if you’re a true British lad, you’ll be quietly supporting our boys. We say quietly because our home team hasn’t done exactly well in previous tournaments. We are confident of a victory over Russia tonight though guys, how do you feel about it? East vs nearly West!

To be perfectly honest with you, we’re not massive football followers here at Allstars Escorts; we don’t get that much time. We do watch the international matches when we get a chance however. Both ourselves and our London escorts can’t quite keep up with all the league play in the UK these days, it seems a little crazy to say the very least!

What about if we leave Europe?

Now that would be an awful shame wouldn’t it? If we leave Europe we won’t be in the next Euro tournament. Good news for European police though in some unfortunate cases! Now, we’re not politicians by any means, but if you like European football, and you like your cheap and easy holidays to Spain etc. you might want to vote to stay in!

Will we still get London escorts?

More importantly, if we leave Europe, will we be getting as many European London escorts at the agency? The answer is probably not, so make sure if you’re a true escort punter, your vote is to remain. We wouldn’t want to put any restrictions on those precious lovelies coming to the UK, would we? In actual fact, we’re pretty sure that some of those “big wig” politicians would feel the same, for exactly the same reasons!

Enough politics for now… Come on England! Come on England!

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