If you read any men’s magazine these days (and we don’t mean porn mags), then you’re going to see articles telling you how to get over an ex. It’s the new fashionable content for lifestyle websites these days too actually, and the same can be said for those pertaining to women, as to men. However, what they really want to publish is, booking escorts in London is by far the easiest way to get over losing your girlfriend!

There are other ways

There are indeed other ways, but they’re not as effective, and they probably cost a lot more. Well, it’s for sure that they cost a lot more when you take a look at our cheap London escort agency. You’re not going to get a much cheaper escort service than £100. And if you do find one, it’s not going to be very good, is it?

Seriously though, if you are interested, here’s a little list of the other “top answers,” if you like. We’ve gathered these from other websites and men’s publications:

  • Get together with friends
  • Go on a blind date
  • Change your bedroom around
  • Treat yourself to a new wardrobe
  • Buy a new console game

They can’t come close to escorts in London

These are genuinely things that we have taken from other sites, and to be honest with you, they don’t come even close to the satisfaction you’re likely to get from booking escorts in London. Which of the above is going to give you the undivided attention and affection of a beautiful young woman? You can’t beat £100 for one of our girls knocking on your door with a massive smile on her face, looking damn fine. Do you see that one on the list about buying a new game for your PS4? They were about £50, aren’t they? Think of our cheap escorts in London at the same price as two games for your PlayStation! Now, tell us again why the hell you’re not on the phone right now.

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