Romanian London escortsIn fact, don’t tell her about any of our London escorts, unless you want to breakup with her. But even then, we think there would be much kinder ways to tell your girlfriend you don’t want to be with her anymore. Back to fundamentals for a moment. Today we’re going to tell you about Romanian London escorts and the impact they’re having on the escort community at the moment.

Romanian London escorts are the next big thing

It used to be that the only really good experience to have with an escort, was to book a high-class escort. The trouble with this is that high-class London escorts tend to cost a packet! And let’s face it, we’re not all big-shot bankers, right? £600 an hour is a little too much for most of us, which is why we have Romanian London escorts for £100!

They’re not all Romanian London escorts, of course, we have girls from all over the world. We’re just talking about Romanian girls because they are really making an impression at the moment. They’re making an impression because they will provide the same service as a high-class London escort, for £100!

Why so cheap?

You might well ask how a London escort can do the same service for much less money. It’s basically because they’re not out to make a fortune in the UK. Most Romanian London escorts have come over here with the express intention of pursuing a career in this industry, sending money home to families, etc. The cost of living in Romania is significantly cheaper than over here in the UK and even cheaper of course than in London! All the girl needs over here is someone nice to stay, with and to afford herself some luxuries in life (most of which she couldn’t get back in Romania anyway!)

Most Romanian London escorts are here temporarily to make some money, and they have a jolly good time whilst they do it. Some are here as students of course, and some have decided to make London their permanent home for the foreseeable future. Whatever the reason for their stay in London, we are just happy that they have chosen Allstars Escorts to represent them!