We just thought we’d take a moment to tell you all just how blessed we feel to have some of the best escorts in London at the agency. When you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you begin to see a certain type of girl glowing out from the thousands that appear in the city all the time.

We have reached an enviable position that many agencies hope to achieve. We can honestly say that every single girl we represent comes in the category we’ve just mentioned. You see, the best escorts in London don’t always have to be the most expensive, they just have to be the best. You can have cheaper escorts doing a better in their career than those that charge up to £600 for an hour of their time. Personally, in our experience we find some of these high priced girls don’t actually offer nearly as good a service as the girls from Allstars Escorts.

They just keep applying

We don’t really have to advertise anywhere these days to get new girls, and to be honest, we’re never really desperate for new girls. This is because we have all the best escorts in London of course; were you not reading the intro, that’s what we’re saying! Seriously though, we don’t need new girls, but if one or two crop up that are particularly interesting, or offer something exquisite, then we’ll gladly represent them.

Thinking of applying to be among the best escorts in London?

If you’re a girl thinking about finding a good agency, you couldn’t do much better than Allstars Escorts in terms of bookings. And let’s face it girls, it’s all about revenue and expenses right? If you can do outcall bookings and make money, rather than have to pay extortionate rates on an apartment and not get to keep a lot of your money, it’s got to be worth it.

Allstars Escorts have been going for a long time and we get a lot of bookings! We have a regular client list, and this is mainly because we’ve always been such good value. If you want to apply to the agency, visit our recruitment page and fill it out. If you’re having any problems, call us on the phone and we’ll sort you out!

The best escorts in London will always be the ones that offer value for money, not the ones with the most expensive dresses!

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