Well, we’re not misogynists or anything, you should know very well by now how much we love women. We wouldn’t be in the London escort business if we didn’t really would we? But we do sometimes despair at the fairer sex. We’ll tell you exactly why.

Men aren’t the only ones with problems

We’ve been hearing it for years, about how men only think about sex or cars or football, etc. and we wouldn’t care to deny it to be perfectly honest. Men have lived like this for centuries in peace with women and everyone seems to get along just fine. Hell, some women even know that men book London escorts and don’t have a problem with it. However, women do love to keep moaning on about men, don’t they?

What about women?

They don’t much like it if it’s the other way around though do they? And we have plenty to complain about. Let’s look at the latest crazes, shall we? Yoga, “tough mudder” challenges, festivals, finding themselves, discovering India, doing extreme sports, etc., etc. bore off! It’s all the sodding same when everyone starts doing it you know. Except for the yoga. You can keep the yoga pants! Even our London escort agreed with us there. There’s nothing like a woman’s ass in yoga pants! When men go browsing dating sites, what makes women think that they want to see pictures of them covered in mud, looking like shit anyway? You’re not attractive like this lady. It’s very simple!

So you see, this is more than likely one reason why men book London escorts. At least you can guarantee that they’ll be ready on time, be there on time, and dedicate their time to you for the duration of your booking. Reliability and sexy at the same time, you just can’t beat that!

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