sexy London escortsAs the winter begins to fade and the springtime makes a brief, but very welcome appearance, sexy London escorts are beginning to update their wardrobes and get themselves ready to impress all they visit. Our outcall babes are always keen to get themselves dolled up for a nice meeting with you, no matter where it is, but what exactly do you like?

Dresses or lingerie?

Some men prefer the mystique of a gorgeous woman fully clothed. In a nice dress, perhaps with a little leg showing? It’s all very provocative and it allows you to guess what might be underneath. You can bet that with a sexy London escort, what’s underneath is going to be just as special, if not better, than what appears on the surface!

Lingerie is another thing that our sexy London escorts like to go shopping for. Now that the weather is changing they’ll be out to get new knickers and stockings etc. to go with their new dresses. There’s nothing more appealing than getting a flash of a stocking top when a girl bends over to pick something up is there? Imagine if you could recreate this little fantasy for yourself any time you wanted. Oh, wait a minute, you can! You can book sexy London escorts to keep you company and tease you a little in the privacy of your own home or hotel!

Special requests for sexy London escorts

If you have any special requests for our sexy London escorts, do let us know in advance when you make your booking on the phone. We will be happy to pass along any requests you have to the girl you have chosen and we will let you know if there are any problems. The girls have usually got very accommodating wardrobes, so we don’t foresee a problem getting your sexy London escorts dressed as you like them!