escortsThe beauty of London is that there’s never anyone around to bother you. And that in itself sounds ridiculous when you consider just how much of a busy place it is! But you can often find greater anonymity in London than you can anywhere else in the UK, simply because it’s so big and has such a vast amount of people coming and going. If you don’t live in London, booking escorts to come and visit you will never be an issue because no one knows you!

The ultimate privacy

So, most of our bookings go to hotels in London and Greater London. The beauty of this is that nine times out of ten the London escort you book will be able to go straight to your room (depending on where you’re staying). On the rare occasion that she can’t, you may have to meet her in the lobby or get someone to bring her up to you. This is the ultimate privacy. Since you never have to leave your room to book escorts, no one ever sees you. Since you are in a hotel, no one other than perhaps a couple of random staff members (if they have to help) will know who the escort is visiting.

Escorts coming to your home

Again, if you’re in the Greater London area, most of the time, no one knows each other, so there’s no “curtain twitching”. And besides, no one really cares what you do as long as it doesn’t bother them! Escorts are usually booked at night, quite late too in our experience, so it’s pretty rare that anyone sees anything. You can always count on our escorts to be highly discreet too, there’s never any problem here. If they struggle to locate you or get in, we will call you back and make sure that all the necessary arrangements are made to ensure her arrival and that your booking goes without a hitch!

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