London escortsThat’s what everyone is talking about these days isn’t it? Testosterone? As if we’ve ever had a problem with it in the past! Well, actually, this modern age in which we live has contributed a little to a loss in testosterone. But you can get some back without taking supplement medication etc. you can just book London escorts!

When you think about what a man used to do and what he used to be like, there’s no wonder that he didn’t need to boost his testosterone. Basically, this is the “man” hormone isn’t it? It’s what makes you manlier really. Men get boosts to their testosterone when they are the alpha male in the room, or they are in control sexually with their partner, etc., and if they have done something particularly “manly” when it comes to looking after the home or getting money for the family, etc. It’s the basic “hunter gatherer” philosophy. So it will come as no surprise to you that the modern man, who is now required to raise children and do domestic, household chores, has lost more than a little of this testosterone.

What is it with muscle anyway?

The modern-day fascination with testosterone is born from the modern-day fascination with muscles, without a doubt. We’re all becoming more and more obsessed with appearances, to be honest, and it’s getting a little out of control. Cosmetic surgery, selfies, fat-burning techniques, exercises, etc. are all we seem to see online and on TV these days. Even our London escorts are finding it a little ridiculous and difficult to compete and they’re in their teens and early twenties and rely on their looks to make a living!

It’s true that testosterone helps in the production of building your muscles, but so do a lot of things, like various acids, working out in the most effective way, getting plenty of rest, and eating a good diet. So before you get too hung up about taking supplements, you might want to read up about testosterone.

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So, referring back to what we said earlier, it’s not hard to work out why a man’s testosterone will increase when he’s with an escort. London escorts will give you that boost to your testosterone, not only because you’re with a beautiful woman, but also because she’s there just for you. You are in control over who you choose and when she arrives etc.

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