escortDid you know that your shoes are one of the first things a girl notices about you? It’s true. Not only did we read about it, but we also have it on very good authority from our girls. And if a London escort says that one of the first things she looks at is your shoes, then you can bet that it’s important! You’d think she’d be interested in your face, or “other” regions wouldn’t you?

An escort knows the best

Don’t worry, she won’t tell you if your shoes are awful! But you want to make an impression don’t you? So, if you’re staying in one of those hotels where they sort this sort of thing out for you, get them shined. If you have yet to pack, make sure you pack your best shoes! And failing that, buy some more. There are plenty of places in London where you can buy shoes!

It doesn’t stop at your shoes

When you’re preparing for an escort to join you, there are a number of things you should think about, not just your shoes. Make sure you are clean and tidy. You don’t’ have to put on a suit and tie or anything, but having clean, smart clothes are a good idea.

And your hygiene needs to be top notch guys! Have a shower, for goodness sake. Brush your teeth, gargle, comb your hair and splash on the nice smelling stuff. Your escort will really appreciate it, we’re telling you!

When you think you’re ready, give us a call and we’ll put the wheels in motion. It’s very easy to get the girls to your hotel. We have drivers and sometimes the girls don’t even live that far from you anyway. If you’d like one extra fast, call us and we’ll get you the closest. We do all we can to help our clients at Allstars Escorts.