discount London escortsIf you live or work in London, you have more than likely visited a strip club at some point or other. There are loads of them dotted around, but we’re going to introduce you to a few that might interest you. Considering you are looking on a discount London escorts website, you will more than likely be interested in the cheaper end of the strip club circuit.

Discount strip clubs

Shoreditch High Street is the place to go if you’re around that area. It’s close to Liverpool Street Station and you can literally walk down the road and hit three or more strip “pubs”. We like these places because they don’t try to be pretentious in any way. The girls will wander among the clientele with a glass, asking for a pound, before they go on the stage. It’s a bargain really. If you stay in there for an hour, you could well spend a bit, but you’re actually getting to see a number of girls, completely naked. Some of them are pretty good too. Try The Rainbow Sports Bar. This is one of our favourites. Private dances are around £20, or they were the last time we went along!

High end strip clubs

We’re talking about Platinum Lace, Spearmint Rhino and these type of places here. In one of these joints you are likely pay double what you would for an actual escort service, and this will be only for a lap dance! Avoid these places like the plague. They’ll fleece you for everything you have and you will feel literally robbed!

Discount London escorts

Now, if you’ve seen enough teasing and you want to spend a little alone time with a beautiful young woman, book discount London escorts. Rather than watch her dancing on a stage along with every other guy in the place, it’s much nicer to have some more quality time. Our London escorts are all priced at £100! And that is an absolute bargain, we’re sure you’ll agree. And if you don’t, you’re not likely to find them cheaper elsewhere anyway, so you’d better get used to it.

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