London escortingIt’s all very well women talking about their feelings and needing time to “reflect” etc. but it’s important to realise that men do too. Being in the London escorting business, we’ve had a lot of experience when it comes to men and what they really need. It’s not just women, sex and beer you know. Well, of course you know, chance are that you’re actually a man! We suppose what we’re getting at is that you don’t need to feel bad about needing this time to yourself to think and reflect etc.

How to reflect

There is a more practical use for this article. Some of you may be thinking, “what the hell are they talking about?” and it’s perfectly understandable. However, this is more than likely because you simply haven’t ever done it before. But it’s surprising just how much can be gained from this pursuit. We’ll give you a little advice on how to go about it.

Find your place

It’s important to find a place where you’re comfortable. We’re not talking about a place in your house or anything, we’re talking more about a location that could be your house, it could be the park, it could be the library, or it could be your favorite coffee shop. In fact, it becomes important at this point to mention that you could already have been “reflecting” and not knowing it. Now imagine how much more useful it will be when you’re consciously aware of what you are doing.


Meditation doesn’t have to be done in yoga pants! That’s for the girls working in the London escorting business who need to stay in shape! It doesn’t have to be done on the foothills of Tibet, or anywhere like this, it just has to be somewhere you can “reflect” as we said. When you are reflecting on things, your life, the universe, etc. you are in effect actually meditating anyway. It just basically means focusing your thoughts, and clearing your mind to allow what you need to think about to come forward. Like now, for instance, you’re probably more than likely distracted by the thought of London escorts, or indeed the fact that you may be able to see a picture of one of them. So you see, you may already have been meditating. Isn’t there that place you go to where you can suddenly get clarity about things that have been troubling you? Is there a place where all the problems of the world seem unable to bother you, at least for the duration of your time there? Then if you have been going here and getting this clarity (albeit) by accident, this is your place!

Whoever said that the London escorting business couldn’t be useful in other ways?