Punternet is one of the most widely respected independent escort review sites in the UK. It has been around for a long time and we’re very keen to get some reviews on there if at all possible! That’s why we’re writing this article. We want Punternet escort reviews from our clients. No, we’re not giving anything away, or putting on any kind of offers, we’re just appealing to your good side. And also, if you want your favourite London escort agency to continue to provide such a good service, it’s a good idea to get some reviews for us.

Punternet escort reviews are free

Punternet.com is a free independent review site and you don’t have to even give them your real name or email address. All you have to do is be honest and report the facts of your escort meeting. If you book a girl from us and you have a wonderful time, you simply go onto Punternet escort reviews and leave your feedback, with the details: time, price paid, and your report of services.

The sign up process on Punternet is really easy and takes literally minutes to do. It also has a handy way of reminding you about your bookings and how much money you’ve spent on escorts. Not that we want to remind you of that of course, but it’s the habit of this Punternet escort reviews site to do so; and we think that from your point of view it could be useful.

Be brutally honest

We already have a very good reputation among the London escort community, so if you do go along to leave a review of our services, please be as honest as you can. We do not want anyone to lie about our services because they like our agency and they believe that they’ll be doing us a favour. It’s actually one of the worst things you can do. Leaving fake reviews makes us all look bad and it’s terrible for the industry as a whole.

Use Punternet escort reviews to help you

The reviews on there are very good. Whether you’re booking from us or another agency, it’s sure to help you with your choice. You’ll see all types of girls reviewed there, not just agency girls. There are sometimes independent girls from Adultwork, and other places too.

Take a look, and we’ll keep an eye out for our reviews