We’ve been doing very well for a while now, and we’re very happy about that. As are our girls of course. They’re loving the attention they get. Some of them have moved from other escort agencies in London, just because they’re getting more work from us!

So you see, if you’re looking for escort work in London, perhaps to get some money in for Christmas, you’re going to get all you can handle with Allstars Escorts. If your application is successful you can expect plenty of opportunities. And if you make yourself available for them, you will get more and more from us. Obviously if we get a girl who keeps turning down bookings, we won’t be recommended her to our clients very often.


There’s plenty of money to be earned escort work! You can see as many clients as you want, and basically make as much money as you want. You will pay us our commission from the bookings we give you of course, but even after this, the earning potential is excellent. Beats the hell out working as a waitress with shitty tips!

Are all the girls European?

They’re actually not, no. And if you are a European girl looking for escort work, you are more than welcome to apply to Allstars. Surprisingly, and unlike many other large agencies in London at the moment, we have a number of British London escorts too! We know that our clients like a wide choice of girls. Different body types, nationalities, ages etc. We pride ourselves on reviewing every application without prejudice or discrimination.

Browse our gallery

If you’re still thinking about joining, why don’t you go and look through the girls who we already represent to see if you would “fit the bill,” so to speak. Don’t worry about the photos, they’ve all been done in a professional studio we would imagine. When you apply, you don’t have to have these sort of pictures, and we are very well aware of what a girl really looks like!