Oh, we know it’s going to be busy gentlemen! Very busy! So we’re going to need people to drive our girls to their bookings and back again. So we are writing a little blog post to put out the call to any talented and reliable drivers to work with us. You don’t have to be chauffeur trained or anything, you just need to be a good driver!

Well, it goes a little more than that of course. You do need to have a few things, and others that are very desirable.

  • A well maintained, road legal car
  • A clean and tidy car (the girls like to travel in a certain amount of style if at all possible!)
  • A sound knowledge of London (or better than average)
  • Excellent satellite navigation skills and effective equipment
  • A willingness to work unsociable hours
  • Be reliable, trustworthy and honest
  • Be friendly and highly respectful with the girls

Successful Agency

Allstars Escorts have been using escort drivers for long time, and we have been one of the only exclusively outcall agencies in the city. The other agencies book outcalls for their girls, but then expect them to find their way there by booking ubers and such. We would much rather guarantee them getting there, help them get their on time and then ensure they get safely to their home or next destination.

So you see, if you worked with us as one of our escort drivers, you would be required to dedicate yourself to this work, as well as have the practical skills and qualifications you need to drive your car. You can expect to be kept busy if you make yourself available to us, in much the same way as the girls we represent. You would be a valued member of the team!

If you want to send us your credentials, contact us today!