It’s a phrase! Before you start getting all excited and carried away, it’s a phrase for goodness sake! Do you remember “Two heads are better than one”? Yes? It usually refers to two people thinking about a problem is better than one of course, and not duo London escorts. We just thought it was quite a funny play on words there. And we all know the type of “head” you were thinking about. Don’t even go there gents, we’re not getting involved.

duo London escorts

Duo London escorts from Allstars

However, we will tell you about the duo London escorts we have available to you at Allstars. These young ladies haven’t just been randomly thrown together. These girls actually enjoy working with each other a lot. They like to interact mostly too when they’re with their clients, and it’s always a lot of fun. If you know which way to look of course! It can sometimes be quite difficult when you have two girls to contend with!

The way our duo London escort behave with one another will seem very natural to you. You will be very surprised that these girls can work so well together we’re quite sure. They’re flirtatious and fun, sexy and naughty at the same time. You really will have your hands full.

What about a blonde and a brunette? Or perhaps you are so mad at blonde escorts that you’d like your duo London escorts to both have blonde hair? It’s entirely possible at Allstars. W have London escorts duos of all shapes and sizes, all colours and races, and all nationalities. It’s really best to talk to us on the phone if you want to make a booking, we can easily let you know which girls would be best for you, depending on your location. And remember, we can get them to you anywhere!