Admire the Biggest Christmas Tree at Trafalgar Square

The festive season is here and London celebrates Christmas and New Year with gusto. You will find that Christmas and New Year celebrations in this city are unique. While Christmas is a family affair, New Year is spent with family and friends. There are parties galore.

If you are in London during the festive season, you never have to be alone. You can spend your time with elite escorts in London. Christmas lights in the UK are a must-see. The escorts will take you to Oxford Street in London, where these lights are magical. Thousands of people come to see it, especially at the beginning of November when the lights are switched on. These twinkling Christmas lights extend from Regent Street to Oxford Street and are worth checking out.

Other than that, you can visit Christmas bazaars and enjoy special English tea sessions. Your Advent calendar will never be dull. Above all, you will not feel alone, lonely, or depressed as there will be gorgeous ladies to keep you company.

Here are some of the things you can enjoy in the company of sexy and sultry escorts in London:

Admire the Biggest Christmas Tree at Trafalgar Square

Admire the Biggest Christmas Tree at Trafalgar Square

This tradition of decorating and lighting began in 1947, and it has transformed into one of the most popular Christmas attractions in London. Located at Charing Cross, you can go with the escorts to check out the huge Norwegian Spruce tree, which is gifted every year by Norway. It is a symbol of love and peace.

Midnight Mass at Westminster Abbey

Even if you are not religious, this is one experience that you should not miss. The Westminster Abbey is located on the western side of the Palace of Westminster and it is renowned for its grand and awe-inspiring midnight mass celebrations. Besides attending the mass, you can also admire this historical church, which is an architectural masterpiece.

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

This is one of the funniest places to visit with duo escorts in London. This experience will be like a carnival, with numerous Christmas fairs. Not only will you be able to indulge your taste buds at food stalls but you will also be able to go on crazy rides and enjoy fun and exciting games. Your duo escorts will have fun spending time with you.

Ice Skating in London

You can not spend the festive season in London and not go ice skating. There are some popular rinks around the city that make winter evenings magical as you slide, twirl and glide on the ice. Some of the rinks have famous backdrops that will mesmerise you.

Find Your Festive Season Companion

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