There have always been a lot of speculations about the escort world and how it works. It is more than usual to wonder about how escorts prepare themselves before meeting their clients, how they behave with their clients, what led them to the profession, their actual ages, their rapport with their family members, and many more. As we dive deeper, more and more questions surface regarding the profession of an escort.

Ever since the escorting business came into existence, there has been a tremendous amount of fantasy around being a London escort. So, let’s bring this topic to light and compare the age-old fantasies to the reality of being an escort.

Below are a few questions and the answers to them, to compare the different fantasies of being London escorts to reality.

  1. Do all escorts have an ideal size and hair colour?

Most men fantasise that an ideal escort is a size 10, with a 34D cup size and blonde hair. But in reality, not all escorts are a size 10. Most escorts are size 12 and are brunettes. When it comes to their cup size, many escorts do have a natural 34D cup size. Whereas, others increase their cup size while mentioning their physical stats, to please those clients who love busty escorts.

  1. Do escorts have “escort names”?

For many obvious reasons, such as to prevent their identities from being revealed, almost all escorts use “escort names” in the escorting business. They keep their real names hidden and come up with new “escort names” which are addressed by their agencies and clients.

  1. Do escorts mention their real ages?

When you browse through an online gallery of Mayfair escorts, you will be surprised to find that there are escorts belonging to all age groups. From late teenagers to young adults to middle-aged escorts and mature escorts, you will find all kinds of escorts, when it comes to age groups. However, in reality, every escort mentions an age in their bio, which could be a couple of years younger than their real age.

  1. Are escorts available throughout the day?

Almost all escorts have fixed hours, during which they are available for their clients. Also, many escorts have non-working days. On working days, an escort offers services to a few clients a day. Many people think that escorts attend to clients continuously one after another, throughout the day. However, that is not the case for most escorts. Many escorts, including the cheap escorts in London, only work for a few fixed hours.

  1. What inspires women to become escorts?

Although most men would like to think that escorts step into the escorting business to live their sexual fantasies, the reality is different. Generally, women become escorts to fulfil their financial needs. Some step into the business to support their education or their child’s education. While others become escorts for basic survival, such as food and shelter. However, many women consider entering the escorting business to live a luxurious life, that is full of perks and lucrative fees. Whatever the reason may be, almost every woman becomes an escort out of her own choice, without any kind of external pressure.

  1. Do escorts tell about their profession to their family and friends?

When it comes to escorting business, most family members and friends of the escorts oppose their profession. So in the fear of being judged or being an outcast, these escorts keep their profession hidden from their family and friends.

  1. Do escorts ever get into relationships with their clients?

Generally, most escorts keep their personal lives away from their profession. On being asked, the majority of escorts refused to ever date any of their clients. These escorts can be friendly, kind, and passionate with their clients without ever getting into relationships.

The bottom line

As mentioned above, the reality of being an elite escort is completely different from the fantasies revolving around the escorting business. For those wondering if escorts love to do what they do, the answer is uncertain. While many escorts enter the adult business purely for financial reasons and to make a living, others seem to enjoy the advantages of being an escort. Some of the advantages of being an escort include travelling across countries, staying in luxurious hotels, shopping trips, expensive dinners, handsome money, and more. Summing up, it is imperative to keep in mind that escorting is a respectful job, and just like any other job, escorting comes with its fair share of benefits.