Can Escorts save marriages?

Based on recent studies, divorce rates all over the world are increasing and if not by divorce we can call it “ separation “ among couples or live-in partners. There are a lot of reasons why a couple would file for divorce or separate. To name a few:  communication problems, incompatibility, changed lifestyle desires, and infidelity. Now, how could Escorts save marriages or relationships?

If you think of Escorts, you’d think that this is just someone who would only give sexual service and that’s that. Escorts are double-edged swords when it comes to relationships, they can either save or destroy.  Escorts can save relationships by doing what they do best; they make someone feel special for a certain time to give a boost to their ego that was lost from working late at night and being a family man thus can come back to that life already and boosted to be that hard-working family man. Escorts can also be someone that you can talk to, have a girlfriend experience, and bring that lust back that’s died down with their partner’s unwillingness to provide what an escort can provide. Escorts can offer a threesome to those couples who are tired of just having regular sex and have a sense of sexual connection again with the help of an Escort.

Of course, there’s also that risk where that someone who avails the Escort’s service would then fall in love and leave their partner but based on study Escorts have saved way more relationships than it has destroyed.