cheap escorts in north LondonJust because they’re cheap, it doesn’t mean they don’t like to be treated to dinner once in a while you know! Our cheap escorts in north London have been dining out in all the best places for a long time now, so we thought it would be a good idea to share some of their recommendations.

Remember that we’re not restaurant critics here, we just know what we like. Well, when we say “we”, we actually mean our cheap escorts in north London of course. There’s no possible way on earth that we as an agency could dine at as many restaurants as the girls do. So basically it’s their opinion, not ours. Let’s take a look at a couple of their favourites:

  • North Nineteen – 194-196 Sussex Way. This might not be what you’d expect, but it’s a lovely place to go and eat. The reason we say it’s not what you’d expect is that it isn’t exactly your quintessential romantic restaurant. However, a number of our cheap escorts in north London have actually eaten here, both with clients and friends, and they love it. It’s a family run pub basically, but the food is fresh and nicely cooked. It’s good old fashioned, non-pretentious English grub in warm and friendly surroundings. Very relaxing!
  • Ottolenghi – 287 Upper Street. This is a little more “chic” as some would like to say. Personally, we can’t abide that word, but we know what they’re talking about. Ottolenghi is a relatively new place that specialises in north African and Middle Eastern cuisine. The dishes are inspired and the restaurant itself is very nicely presented. A little pricier than pub food of course, but if you want to impress our cheap escorts in north London, then this is a sound bet.
  • Gokyuzu & Kervan Restaurant – 183 High Road. Good old fashioned, classic Turkish food here, and cooked to perfection (when we last ate their anyway!) Private areas for dining can also be arranged in advance if you give them a call. Perfect place for you and a few friends and maybe some of our cheap escorts in north London, to have yourselves a little private party!

Cheap escorts in north London

So there you have it! Three recommendations from some of our most popular north London escorts. Remember that if you’re in north London, you can choose any girl from the gallery, and we’ll make sure we get her to you wherever you are.

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