cheap west London escortWhy wouldn’t you take her out to dinner when she’s only costing you £100 for an hour of her time? We can personally vouch for the value you’ll receive when you take a cheap West London escort from us out to dinner; you can count on it!

There are loads of places to eat in west London of course, it’s mostly tourist-orientated, so you’ll always find somewhere to go; just make sure you don’t get ripped off! We’ve thought about this, and considering that you’re planning to book a cheap West London escort from us for the evening, we thought it only fair to give you a few of our recommendations.

How much is dinner with a cheap West London escort?

A dinner date with each of our girls at Allstars Escorts will cost you as much as you choose it to, based upon however many hours you book. If you want to spend some alone time with your chosen cheap West London escort, then you might want to book around three hours. This will give you enough time to meet her at a restaurant of your choosing, have a nice unhurried dinner, and then take her back to your place. Everything should pan out nicely for around £300. If you add £150 on top of that for a nice dinner, you’re looking at a really good night out for £450! Hell, some London escorts charge that for an hour of their time for goodness sake!

Don’t forget you can get your cheap West London escort overnight for just £600, so you might want to choose that option for maximum value. We guarantee that you won’t get that kind of price for an overnight anywhere else in the city!

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