cheap escortWe are keen to give you value for money at Allstars Escorts, as you know, so we realised that it would be a good idea to present you with some other ideas when it comes to saving money. You’re probably not only a cheap escort fan but more than likely a fan of cheap restaurants that offer quality food too. It’s with this in mind that we present you with our current list of favorite value-for-money restaurants in London.

  • E Pellicci. A lovely little Italian place in Bethnal Green with great pasta at reasonable prices. It’s a small café style place, with a really quaint art deco appearance. The emphasis is on food and friendliness here.
  • Café Loren. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine is the order of the day at this café. It has a great all-day menu, the chefs are truly remarkable for such a small, relatively cheap restaurant, and you don’t usually have to book in advance. It’s one of London’s better-kept secrets. Quite a nice place to take a cheap escort too!
  • Bailey’s Fish and Chips. Classic British fish and chips! What’s wrong with fish and chips? Some people think that it’s a bit cheap and a bit common, but sometimes it’s the best meal you could buy. Even a cheap escort would appreciate having lunch at Bailey’s though gents. It’s a lovely place to eat and there’s a little more than the conventional fish and chips on the menu; even though we would strongly advise you to try them.

You don’t have to book a cheap escort to have dinner with

So there you have it. We like to keep you up to date with the best value in London when we can, and this is what we’re feeling at the moment. We’re sure they’ll be other favorites as our girls get out and about and report back to us etc. but for now, try a couple out. You don’t have to take a cheap escort with you, of course, you could simply pop along on your own or with friends.

Never say we don’t keep you informed!