We’re not talking about anything special here gents, we’re talking about a man who has a car, and a man who can drive safely and competently around London and Greater London. We need to get our girls to their clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. Do you fit the profile?

Being a London escort driver

Our London escorts may be cheap, but you can bet your life that they deserve a good driver, and they need to do their job. A career in escorting needs to be as stress free as humanly possible, and the driver is a very important part of this. Being a London escort driver, you will be responsible for when our girls show up at their clients’ hotels and private residences.

Your equipment is very important

Obviously you’re going to need a car. That kind of goes without saying. But it’s going to need to be a car that’s in good working order. It also needs to be taxed, insured and with a valid MOT certificate. We can’t have our girls being ferried around London in a car that doesn’t meet these absolute minimum requirements.

Your personal details

There are a number of things you need to have to be an effective London escort driver. You must be able to speak Fluent English, and any other languages would be a bonus of course! You must have a full, clean and valid driving licence. You must also be legally eligible to work in the UK. They are the bare minimum standards. As a bonus, it would be helpful for you to be very friendly, personable, and be able to look out for the girls to a certain degree; not that there is ever a problem of course. But just in case one of them falls ill, or can’t for some reason make their appointment, it would be kind and gracious of you to get them home. Mere good manners for a London escort driver you understand!

Anyway, if you’re interested, email or call us: