kylie1This is an important thing to note. Sadly, there actually are a number of girls out there who are not real London escorts. When we say that, we’re not saying that they’re not offering companionship services and everything else that goes with an escorts job description. What we’re saying is that they’re more than likely very new to it, and merely just playing around with the idea.

Girls like money, it’s a fact! And you will often find that some girls in London and Greater London, think that the very best (and easiest for some reason) way to make money is to become an escort. What they don’t realise is that to become a real London escort, takes a little time and certainly the right attitude. Even some older women who have contemplated working as an escort, haven’t really thought the whole thing through.

Yes, a real London escort can make a lot of money, but she has to be good. Not only that, she has to be available and dedicated. Talking in terms of service quality here, if you book one of these wannabees, then you could risk them backing out, not turning up, or simply being bad at their job. And there are other ramifications to consider too!

Don’t get into trouble – some are too young!

This is very important gentlemen. If you’re going to book escorts, you really need to be careful where you book them. Some classified listings have a habit of letting young girls post themselves, and there are still some agencies that use these places to advertise too. Not only will you not get a real London escort, but you’ll also probably get an illegal escort. So you see, it really is best to book your escorts through an agency. At least with an agency, you’ll have someone to be made accountable, and an agency isn’t likely to represent a girl who they haven’t verified is of legal age and eligible to work in the UK.

So, think on gents! If you think you’re getting a really good deal just because she’s cheap, you may well not be. The only truly reliable cheap London escort you are likely to get will be from Allstars Escorts. Fact!