HannahLove is one of the most fundamental things in the universe, we won’t deny it. But do we really have to dedicate our entire lives to it? We think not. The mere existence of London escorts would dictate that we don’t have to, to begin with. What’s wrong with temporary love?

Temporary affection from London escorts

Some would say that it’s not the same. We wouldn’t argue with that either actually. But there’s still nothing wrong with getting a little affection and attention from a beautiful woman if you’re still searching for the all-evasive concept we call “love”. Or perhaps you are one of the few who strongly believe that you can get through your life without love. It’s entirely possible we suppose, but not something we could possibly comment on in a brief article of this size.

Booking your affection by the hour!

What we’re driving at, as always, is that it’s not wrong to book your affection by the hour, with a woman you find incredibly attractive. You can actually get to know London escorts quite well if you book them time and time again, and believe us when we tell you, they do like to develop regular clients. One word of warning, however, don’t actually fall in love with them! This could end in a lot of heartaches for you. Your escort, whilst she may like you a lot and enjoy being with you, is not looking for any kind of relationship in much the same way as you. So don’t fall for her!

We believe we’ve answered the question

So is love really worth it? We think not unless it’s the type of love that bowls you off your feat. It would have to be very special indeed to stop most of you from booking London escorts, we know that much. Have you actually seen any of the girls at Allstars Escorts? They’re outstanding!