cheap London escortsThis is something we must stress to a number of you gentlemen out there. Some people expect that their Eastern European is going to know fluent English. Let us ask you this: can you speak Polish, Latvian etc? We’re guessing that you can’t. What about Russian? Can you speak Russian? No, we didn’t think that either. So why on earth would you expect a Russian or Eastern European girl to speak fluent English?

However, the scales are tipped in your favor somewhat, since all the cheap London escorts we represent actually do speak English. Just not all of them speak it fluently, that’s all. So aren’t you lucky? We believe that English is more or less taught over there as a standard. Something the English over here could learn from of course, but considering English is the dominant language on the planet, we have become rather lazy in learning others.

How important is the language with cheap London escorts anyway?

To most clients, having good English language skills isn’t the most important thing anyway, it’s just a select number of you that like to have long conversations when you go out to dinner etc. This is perfectly acceptable of course, but not always very possible. The vast majority of clients are only booking one or two hours in the company of our cheap London escorts and they don’t require long converstations!

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You can call us on the phone to discuss your requirements should you wish. If you actually do want your cheap London escorts to speak reasonably good English, just ask us and we’ll make sure that we send you a girl who can. There’s nothing worse than not getting what you want, we know, even when you’re not paying that much. You should still have it your way!

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