London escortThe results are in guys! We’ve been asking around, among those who are in the know (namely a few close punters who we know very well) and we’ve come up with a top three list for your favourite London escort features. Just let us say at the beginning here that we’re more than happy to hear your views too of course, simply leave a comment in the box below and we’ll see it. We might not reply to it, or even like it, but we will see it!

Your London escort feature list


It was bound to be here wasn’t it? One of the most popular features on a London escort is her bottom. Apparently the perter, tighter and overall smaller the better. We wondered about that, because we’re very well aware that there are a many men who like a nice big round ass on a woman. It adds to that shapely, classic look when they’re wearing a dress. However, we do appreciate that a nice small butt looks great in leggings or a pair of jeans!


This one surprised us, coming from a group of guys primarily obsessed with the physical characteristics of women! Eyes are the window to the soul apparently, or so the well-known aphorism goes. Blue eyes are top of the list apparently. We have to agree on a certain level here though, nice eyes are very appealing. Particularly those alluring eyes that can almost smile at you. The eyes of a London escort can communicate so much to you that it’s almost impossible to describe, you’d have to book one to find out!


Legs are the third on the list. Yes, we prefer it when our London escort has a pair of legs! We kid you, of course, this is mainly about the length and the shape of a woman’s legs. Our clients prefer nice, long, smooth, and slender legs. We don’t know a man that doesn’t to be perfectly honest. And although we realise there are men out there that do like short, fat, and dumpy legs, there aren’t that many of them, and you won’t find them on Allstars Escorts!

There you have your top three London escort features. Now you can tell us if you think we’re wrong!