London escorts

If you’re a gorgeous young woman, aged over 18, and you want to earn some seriously good money, we want to hear from you. Escorting is the new super job that can earn you bags of cash without having to do much at all, except look pretty and take care of your client. It’s a job that really suits women who are good with people. When we say “good with people” we mean those able to really go the extra mile to please the man they are with. It’s not just as simple as turning up when you’re a London escort, it’s a little more complex than that.

London escorts

Genuine women only please

We really want naturally confident young women to apply. Those who can relate to anyone, put their own needs aside for the duration of their booking, and make the dreams of their clients come true. Some of these men really just want some beautiful company. They want someone to hang on their every word, someone to be impressed by them and make them feel special. Being alone with a genuinely happy, gorgeous young woman, whilst she listens to you and wants to impress you, is a sure way to make a man feel “special”!

Excellent rates of pay for London escorts

Your rate of pay at Allstars Escorts will depend entirely on how many bookings you do. Our standard rate to clients is £100 an hour, but this does not include travelling costs etc. So they’ll usually pay more. We take a percentage of your booking, because we found you the client and the job (and you’d be amazed at how much effort we put into marketing your services!) and then of course you get the rest. It’s possible to earn thousands in a week if you’re good at your job. And that’s not to mention tips. London escorts get a lot of tips!


Another bonus to becoming an escort at Allstars is that we’re an outcall only agency. This means that it doesn’t matter where you live, you are never expected to invite clients to your home or anywhere else. You go to their homes and hotels. You’ll often get to go out for dinner too, so this is another added bonus. You don’t pay by the way!

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