duo London escortsHave you ever booked duo London escorts before? If you have, it was probably from another agency, considering that we’ve only just started to offer the service to our clients. We’d be interested to talk to a few of you that have to be honest, but we know that this is just an impractical request sadly. However, we do have enough experience to know what you expect and what you don’t expect. Otherwise we wouldn’t offer the service would we?

Your past experiences

Your past experiences with duo London escorts will no doubt inform what you expect your experience to be like with us. We sincerely hope that we don’t disappoint you, we have tried our very best to lay on a service that parallels most of the others in the city, and in most cases improves upon them. Not every London escort agency ensures the things that we do here at Allstars Escorts.

Real bisexual escorts

If you’re an experienced punter then you may well have experienced girls that are not really bisexual. And we know that, in our experience, there is nothing worse than booking duo London escorts that simply aren’t into each other. Many other agencies don’t really care about pairing up their heterosexual escorts in order to just get the extra commission from the bookings, but this isn’t us. We have a little more integrity than most agencies. And although we may well be a “no frills” agency, it doesn’t mean that we don’t value quality above all else. You should be very aware of agencies that have loads of duos on their website, made up from most of the girls in their gallery. Ask yourself this questions: can all those girls really be bi-sexual? The answer of course is no, and you don’t want to be the one who pays upwards of £300-400 to find out do you?

Try out a new agency for your duo London escorts

So if you’ve booked duo London escorts before, and now there’s a new agency on the scene offering this service, shouldn’t you at least try them? With your experience of this type of booking? Well, we’re not a new agency of course, but this is a new service and we’re keen to impress you all. Yes, some of the girls may be in the main gallery, but we haven’t paired up anyone who isn’t genuinely bisexual. There’s only one way to find out if the girls really are or not anyway. No, it’s not what you’re thinking! You ask them at the end of the day, but you tell them that if they are proven not to be, you will no longer represent them as such. We have a reputation to keep after all!