How to complain about your escort service

Sexy Russian escortThis is a very rare occurrence of course, but we thought that a brief article detailing exactly what you need do should you have a complaint would be helpful. There are a few basic rules to follow when it comes to complaints and a very simple procedure.

The procedure when it comes to complaints about your escort, or your booking experience is to basically never complain to your escort. Complaining to your escort puts her in a difficult position. It may well be a justified complaint, and you may have things to say, but save it. You won’t get anywhere, and you may even become intimidating and frighten her. And there is absolutely no reason to intimidate a London escort, whether you’ve had a bad experience or not.

Complain to your agency

This is the same no matter which London escort agency you use really. The correct protocol is to complain to the agency. No matter what the complaint, you complain to the agency. We act as the escort’s agent, and as such an agent we are obliged to pass along any comments you may have about your experience and to take any appropriate action we feel is necessary. These girls are free agents. They do not work for us and we have no control over them and what they do. However, we can issue them warnings or refuse to have them on our website, because after all, it is our website. We are operating a business and if we believe that we should no longer be representing a girl because she is damaging the reputation of our website, we will have no hesitation in taking that action. We do not use this right to manipulate the girls in any way, this is illegal and that’s not the way we work.

Besides, it works both ways when you think about it. If we were to use this ability to manipulate the girls, they could just as easily decide for us to no longer represent them. No one is forcing these girls to list with any agency or appear on any website, they are aware of what it takes to get them bookings and they have agreed to our representation. All pictures and information is supplied to us by the girls themselves and we do not choose what to publish, we do as we’re told.

Your complaints resolved

Here at Allstars Escorts we take any complaints very seriously indeed. If you have reason to complain you can rest assured that we will indeed investigate, and we will reply to your complaint quickly and hopefully with an agreeable outcome. Do not assume that we will always agree with you however, we do not subscribe to the old phrase that the customer is always right. We will review all sides and make our own decisions based on our findings.

Not that we get many complaints of course, but those that we do, we always aim to make our resolutions fair to all parties.