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How have we been going so long?

It’s something to do with customer service, prices, and quality. When you put those three things together you get what everyone wants really. These three things are important, whether you’re shopping for groceries or a London escort. Everyone wants quality at a good price. This is why we’re still around. We don’t need flashy websites and massive adverts everywhere because we have a good solid client list.

Our clients

Our London escort clients book through us time and time again because of the things we’ve just told you. Our clients are loyal because we are reliable. When they call, they get the girl they want, mostly when they want unless she’s already busy. Our clients are mostly regulars too, so this means they behave themselves when it comes to spending time with a London escort. They do this either because they want to book again, or they’re just generally gentlemanly guys! We favor the latter, either way, it doesn’t matter. What it means is, if you’re planning on becoming a London escort, applying to us is a good choice.

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On top of this, we have the best girls around for this price range. Some London escorts charge up to £600 an hour, but with Allstars Escorts you could book six girls for that price! That’s one for practically every day of the week, for the same price as an alleged “high class” London escort. And after all, are those “high class” escorts any better looking or more talented than a London escort from us? They all do the same things, right?

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