Allstars is the perfect agency for this! We really are, make no mistake about it. It’s our reliability and choice that makes people book us for this sort of celebration. When you have a groom off on his merry way into the eternal bondage of marriage, you’d better be sending him off with one of the best bachelor party escorts in London. He’ll thank you for it, and he’ll never forget it. Hell, he may even change his mind and you’ll have saved his life (and a hell of a lot of money!)

bachelor party escorts

Better than a stripper

Not only are bachelor party escorts better than strippers in terms of their familiarity with their clients, they’re also probably cheaper! Think about it for a moment. What would you pay a stripper to come and do a turn for your groom? Quite a hefty sum we’d imagine. Now, we realise that the show is also for those at the party, and a London escort is not, but still, it’s the groom you’re sending off isn’t it?

Allow it to be your little secret

Anyway, if you’re truly a good best man, or you’re part of a party planning group or whatever, you’ll just book bachelor party escorts and not tell anyone else about it. Just have them waiting for him in his room for when he gets back there! No-one needs to know a thing and you can even book the stripper too for earlier in the evening. Why not if you have the money? And an escort is only going to set you back £100 from Allstars Escorts. On top of that, we’ll drop her off and pick her up more than likely (depending on your location).

Book bachelor party escorts with us

Allow us to be part of the preparation and make sure you arrange the best send off possible for your friend. We can recommend party escorts for you, based on our knowledge of how good they are at this and that. We know the girls who you can call on at all hours and those that will more than likely party all night with you!

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