escortsIt pains us to have to write posts like this to be honest, but it always seems to be the case. It’s usually a small group of single-minded clients who cause this problem for our escorts, so you’ll have to forgive us if we’re not referring to you. We can’t really filter out the good and the bad in an article like this. But do read on anyway, it’s worth it.

Escorts are people, not robots

You would think this would be straightforward wouldn’t you? But apparently it’s not. There are still some misogynistic guys out there that believe just because they are paying a someone for their time, they can do whatever they want. They believe that the escorts they book are their own personal slaves that will do their bidding, whenever they tell them.

They are very wrong indeed. In fact they couldn’t be more wrong. An escort is a professional (in most cases anyway). In much the same way as you have any professional. And let’s look at that word for a moment. How do you classify a “professional”? It’s basically someone who gets paid for what they do. For example: professional driver, professional tutor, professional musician. So escorts are no different. They provide elite companionship to their clients for money.

They know how it works

And a professional knows their job inside out. This is why they get paid. And a London escort who gets paid, really knows what she’s doing. If you think you can tell her what to do, you are in the minority, because 99% of her clients will not do this to her. And this means that she is more used to them, than your demands.

You may well be able to shout at your dog to do what you say, but if you so much as raise your voice to any of our escorts and expect them to “obey,” you may well find yourself with a kick in the balls and them leaving swiftly out of the door. On top of this, you’ll more than likely get your number black booked with every agency in the city.

Games you can play

Of course there are scenarios where you may well be able to tell your escorts what to do. We’re not stupid and we realise that sometimes there are roleplaying games going on with our escorts and their clients. But these need to be agreed before your date begins, and you both need to know what you’re doing and where the boundaries are!