London escortsYou don’t want to get into the New Year and be one of those guys who has to make a resolution to lose weight or cut down on drinking etc. do you? This is what usually happens when people indulge at Christmas. The only things you should be over indulging in this year are London escorts!

Little and often

Not London escorts of course, you should book them as often as humanly possible (you only live once!) We’re talking about the rich food and the booze. It’s no good having an “only live once” philosophy when it comes to these things, because if you do, you actually won’t be living too long! In all seriousness, take it all in moderation guys.

Don’t get anxious about it

When you think about it, you all probably indulge in a pint or two already. You all enjoy a takeaway and those snacks now and then don’t you? Well, all you have to do is not go too mad just because it’s Christmas. Simple. Carry on as though it’s the same. Unless of course you already eat and drink too much!

A little exercise never hurt

Ask our London escorts, they’ll tell you. Getting a little more exercise won’t hurt you. You can choose to walk the distances you usually use a cab or tube for. You can even start doing some press-ups or sit-ups if you’re feeling ambitious. Just don’t go too mad. Remember that if you over indulge, you can always counteract it with some exercise. Look after yourselves boys, we care about and so do the girls.

Speaking of which, have you see the new faces in the Gallery? There’s a number of new girls dotted here and there, and some of the girls have new pictures etc. Check out Marta (picture above), she’s decided to get festive already, as you can see!

Have fun, be careful, but have fun!