Russian London escortsThere’s nothing like the company of a beautiful size 6 Russian! You can say what you like about models and how unnatural some believe it to be that they are only a size 6 etc. but when you’re dating one, it’s a different matter entirely! They’re perfect! We are referring of course, in this instance, to Russian London escorts. This is an agency blog after all! Also, Russian London escorts are a whole lot more available to you than the size 6 Russian girls in Russia! Unless of course you have an endless supply of money to fly over there all the time, and a superior wit and charisma in which to charm them.

Lacking in the charisma and wit department?

We’re guessing that you don’t have access to these resources? You’re not Bruce Wayne! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here on our website would you? And by far the best news for you is that you can have a size 6 Russian for just £100 (depending of course whether or not you pre-book at the right time or not. It’s important for you to read our new booking fees to find our more information about our rates. We have tried to make things much easier for both our clients and our escorts.

So why Russia?

The size 6 thing you probably get. Nothing like a slim, as well as beautiful girl is there? Pert boobs, firm, small bottom, slim waist etc. These girls look wonderful in a close fitting, short dress! Well, to be honest, they look good in anything really. But back to the point, why Russian? On top of that sexy, broken English accent they have that drives men wild with desire, there’s something even better. Most of our clients will agree that Russian London escorts are incredibly attentive and affectionate, and more open minded than their other European neighbors (and that’s saying something in the escort community!) You don’t have to take our word for it gentlemen, why not book for yourself and find out? It’s not as though you’ll be spending a lot of money to find out now is it? Everyone can find £100 when they really need it; and you do REALLY need these girls in your life!