London escortsThis is our new philosophy! Well, to be honest with you it’s not a new way of thinking at all. The London escort industry is based upon indulgence and excess really isn’t it? Trouble is that in the UK, too many people make themselves feel bad about what they’re thinking and what they actually desire, rather than just go ahead and enjoy themselves.

It’s not unusual

It’s not unusual to feel guilty about indulging your desires of course, but this is a hump you really need to get past. The reason is of course because it’s also not unusual to have these desires you have. And this includes your desire to spend time with London escorts. Some would call them wrong, yes sure they would. But who died and made them the people in charge of what’s right and wrong? You only get to live one life gentlemen, make it the most enjoyable life you can. And don’t think for a moment that the thoughts and desires you have are unusual, or you are somehow perverted or evil for thinking them. You’re thinking them for one reason and one reason alone: you’re a human being!

Guilt is like a bag of bricks!

Have you heard that before? “Guilt is like a bag of bricks, you’ve just got to set it down.” We’re not sure where we heard that to be honest, but we know if was in a movie or on a TV programme or something. It’s quite inspiring don’t you think? And as people who run an escort agency, it’s certainly a something that we could get fully behind.

Drinking the wine is good for you, eating the cake is good for you, and seeing the girl is certainly very good for you. We won’t lie to you however, if you do any of these in access, then you’re going to come undone eventually. But then you knew that already right? What’s also equally as unhealthy, is abstaining from any and all of these things. If you’re going to deny yourself the company of beautiful young women, or London escorts of course, or you’re going to deny yourself that glass of wine in the evening, your life will be poorer for it.

So, put down the bricks! You don’t need to carry that stuff around with you anymore!