escortIt’s a little known fact that escorts like a lot more than going out to fancy restaurants, wine bars and cocktail bars. These are real women that have a vast and varied amount of interests. If you are a hobbyist on a mission to try and shake up your escort lifestyle, why not try a different type of date with your escort?

Have an escort date in a coffee shop

There are loads of different types of coffee shops in London. So many that it would be futile to list even a good number of them here. If you live and/or work here, you’ll know this anyway. We’re pretty sure that you have some favourites that you already frequent, but if you’re short of ideas, Google is your friend as always!

An escort doesn’t require any kind of special treatment at all. Whilst we appreciate that some of you may be nervous, or even intimidated by the presence of a beautiful young woman, you really needn’t be. And you needn’t do too much to try and impress them. Believe us when we say that as long as you’re kind and attentive, they’ll be very impressed indeed. Really no need to be something you’re not.

The perfect meet up

This is why a coffee shop escort meeting is such a great idea. You’re both in an intimate environment where you can hear each other speak. You can see each other clearly and have a real conversation over some really nice coffee. You can order two cups if you like, and even some cake. The girls love cake!

It’s also the perfect meet up for anyone who is apprehensive about inviting an escort to their apartment or hotel. If you agree to meet in a coffee shop first, then you can get to know the girl you have booked an feel more comfortable taking her back to your place. It’s worth thinking about guys, and it’s highly original!