escort VIP packages

This Christmas and New Year we are very pleased to be able to announce the launch of our custom VIP packages. We call them “custom” because basically you can have it your way. We encourage you however to take a look at some of the ideas we have come up with anyway. We’ve had a good go at thinking of pretty much everything, but you may well have other ideas. If so we’re keen to hear them!

Escort VIP packages are nothing we can’t handle

When you’ve been to have a look, you may believe that some of the things on our escort VIP packages to be silly, or that we have just written them in order to get your attention. You’re wrong of course. We have been in the London escort business for so long, we realise that you can’t make promises you’re unable to keep. The things you read on our escort VIP packages have all been done before, you can count on it. Try us and we’ll prove it!

escort VIP packages

We have everything on that page, from helicopter rides with sexy girls, to cruises on the Thames with sexy girls, to private jets with sexy girls! What more could you ask for from one of our escort VIP packages? It’s too good to be true right? It’s true alright!

Bespoke packages

You can choose one of our champagne escort VIP packages if you like, but if you want something specific (not necessarily better!) all you need to do is call or send us an email and we’ll quote you a price to realise your experience for you. Have a fantasy? Realise it!

You know it’s Christmas time, you know it’s party season. So the question really should be: Can you actually think of a reason why you shouldn’t book yourself something special?