Allstars EscortsIt’s well past time we started to sing our own praises! Yes, we’re always telling you about new services we’re offering, etc., and ideas about dating girls and our Allstars Escorts among other things, but it’s not often that we sit back and simply marvel at our own progress. Today is that day!

New Allstars Escorts

You may have noticed that we have a lot of new girls joining the agency. This is due to two main reasons: we have become even more popular as an agency, and we have changed our rate to reflect the industry as a whole.

The new girls that have joined us can be found at a number of other Central London agencies. The trouble with these agencies however, is that they just weren’t getting the girls the jobs they wanted. And they have subsequently decided to sign up with Allstars Escorts basically because we have the clients! If you have the clients, the girls will come!

Also, we have changed our rate to better reflect these other agencies, so the girls now see that they don’t have to take a drop in their earning potential if they sign with us too! This is because we have decided to take the extra out of our end and still make the prices reasonable. Thus, you’re not having to pay that much more at all!

New and exciting services from Allstars Escorts

We have introduced new VIP Elite Allstars Escorts where you can get those very special girls that usually only represent high-end agencies. Again, they’re with us now because we can get them the work!

We are also offering some pretty awesome VIP packages too. You can have a whole group of girls, and champagne thrown into your deal if you choose one of our packages. On top of this, we can arrange boat trips, limos, and even helicopters!

Same great value

But throughout all of these changes at the agency, we have maintained that we should always stay well-known for our excellent rates. So you will still find that if you book in advance, you’re not paying any more than you used to years ago. Our prices are all-inclusive if travel expenses too. Take a look and find out about each of the girls’ individual profiles.