young escortsWe recently wrote a short article about getting older and keeping up with younger women. Not necessarily London escorts you understand, just women in general. Low self-esteem is also an issue as we get older and it’s something that often gets in the way when a male client wants to book a London escort.

What causes low self-esteem in men?

The main causes of low self-esteem are age related. Most women think that men have it easy getting older. This is predominantly because the vast majority of them are attracted to older men. This doesn’t help men however, they don’t like getting older in much the same way as women. With older men comes a whole new set of anxieties. Our young escorts have often commented about how under confident some of their clients have been when they met and how they really didn’t have much to worry about either.

Is it in the mind?

Most of what makes a man anxious about getting older is all in his mind. This doesn’t make it any easier for him though. Looking in the mirror and seeing that you have less hair and more wrinkles is never an easy discovery, whether our young escorts like it or not. Being unable to do the things you once did is another thing that troubles men. It makes them feel less like a man and sadly this can actually lead to a greater loss of testosterone. Testosterone production is greatly reduced as men get older anyway, so keeping your confidence level up is really rather important.

Increasing self-esteem with young escorts

If a man can have a really good time with a significantly younger woman, he is very likely to feel good about himself. If you can go out with a woman half your age and make her laugh and show her a good time, you know you still have it. This is enormously empowering. This is the way older women feel when they get hit on by young men, even if they don’t intend to pursue the flirtation.

So the best way to boost your self-esteem is to actually book young escorts. They are all professional and they’re not expecting anything fantastic from you anyway. They will ensure you are happy and content. And it’s when a man is at his most relaxed that he can be his true self and allow his self-esteem to increase. There is no longer any room for self-depreciation.

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