escortsIf you’re only paying £100 for an outcall escort service, you may as well make the most of it. In most cases, other agencies charge around double and much more for an outcall. So if you get a girl charging just £!00, why not take her out and spend the extra £100 on a real good time?

Out to dinner with escorts

You don’t have to go anywhere overly fabulous with your escort. All you need to do is make sure you have fun. You could pay over £100 if you want, but if you go to a nice restaurant that’s not too expensive, you should be able to do dinner for two for a ton! She’ll be impressed anyway, we’re sure. You will get that feeling that you used to get when you used to date too, and isn’t that a marvellous feeling. You feel almost benevolent buying your date dinner and drinks. After dinner it’s back to your place for a more private time!

Even if you don’t go out for dinner, you could certainly stretch to a few drinks at a nice local bar. These girls love their cocktails you know, and they like to sip them in good company. You will always be in good company when you book one of these escorts.

Book extra long

There is an alternative to this of course. If you see that girls are double on another website, you would also have a really good time if you booked from Allstars for two hours. This way you’ll be paying the same as you would for just one hour from another agency. It’s well worth it, we’re sure you’ll agree! Twice the amount of fun, for the same price elsewhere!

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