London escortWe’ve all sat there after our girlfriend has stormed out of the room, thinking to ourselves “what the hell did I say.” Well, it’s time we gave you a little insight into what it could have been. We can’t possibly tell you all the things never to say to your girlfriend of course, but we can make a start!

Avoid all of the following

  • Don’t comment on her friends if she says they look nice. You may be tricked here if you’re not careful. When she says that one of her friends had on a sexy dress that made her look fabulous, don’t agree! For goodness sake don’t agree!
  • Never ask her to “calm down”. It’s arguably one of the worst things you could say, and it’s even worse if you say it during an argument you’re having with her!
  • Never comment on her eating habits! If she pigs out on a whole family size packet of crisps in front of the TV, don’t be tempted to make fun. You’re entering a world of pain!
  • Never comment on what she’s wearing. Even if she asks you, don’t be tempted to say anything other than “you look wonderful!”

We’ve only given you a few there, but it’s enough to keep you out of trouble. As a golden rule (and we’ve had this verified by a London escort or two also!) is to simply avoid as much communication with your girlfriend as possible; especially if she’s after an argument!

A London escort won’t be bothered!

Here’s the thing. If you’ve had enough of watching what you say, or you don’t already have a girlfriend of course, book a London escort. These girls don’t rely on you saying all the right things, and if you’re paying them and you’re a nice guy, you’re going to have her eating out of your hand, no matter what you say. Have your women, your way!