You’ve probably read numerous articles online about how to find out whether or not your girlfriend is cheating on you etc. What are the signs? How do you know? If you’re reading this then we sympathise with you, because it has probably happened to you. We have some advice for you from our lovely bunch of outcall London escorts. Kick her into touch! Meaning of course – dump her!

You’d think this was the normal reaction, right?

Sadly it isn’t. There are men out there with such low self-esteem that they will continue to take their girlfriends back time and time again when they cheat. This is because they don’t believe that they’re worth any better. Well, you are gents! You really are, and you need to realise it. No-one deserves to be cheated on, especially continually. There is one exception to this rule of course. We would say that if the partner is an absolute arse, then all those morals go out the window. Our London escorts agree with us here. If a man or a woman is being such an intolerable arse, then they deserve to be cheated on.

But you’re not we assume? If you’re really not, all you need to do is find your own self worth and realise that you don’t deserve to be treated like that. Your first move should be to cheat on her right back. Book some London escorts and have some fun! Go out and party with the girls, get drunk and behave inappropriately when she thinks you’re supposed to be home. If she’s done it before and you’ve let her back in, she’s probably expecting you to do it all over again. Don’t. Shock the shit out of her and don’t be there for her when she wants you back.

Be strong

She’ll want you more than ever if you’re not available to her, so keep booking London escorts to get the female contact you need to survive the break-up. Our girls don’t mind, they’re well used to being there for guys in these situations! You can do it! You can do better!